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Honduran village name Auka near the Nicaraguan border where Truman Cunningham, Michael Bagby, and others had set up a relief distrubution

This is a wonderful piece that highlights a good example of innovative and cost-effective ways to promote and support strategies in human and social capital. Promoting access and opportunities to a common level of education across all of society is vital in reducing social and health inequities for the most vulnerable populations. Pre-K is a time when most children are quickly developing emotionally, socially, and academically – nurturing that developmental process can help minimize future academic, behavioral, and mental health risk. Adding supportive parenting strategies for families with young children offers a multi-faceted approach in supporting the success of early intervention and opportunities for early education. We need more interventions, such as these, that are both family-centered and begin with prevention at a time when the point of intervention can actually make effective changes across the lifespan for individuals, families, and communities…such efforts can help to address health challenges and health disparities in meaningful and concrete ways over the long term. Kudos to Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio for this initiative!

--Chau Trinh-Shevrin, New York University Department of Population Health and Center for the Study of Asian American Health

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