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Dave - I greatly appreciate your continued efforts at precision in wording here. Words and definitions do matter, they matter a lot, and I think it's important that we all have a common understanding of definitions - - and, in this case, the distinctions in meaning between "population medicine" and "population health."

But I admit to remaining a bit confused. If

a) Population Health is “the health outcomes of a group of individuals, including the distribution of such outcomes within the group“, and

b) Population Medicine is “…the specific activities of the medical care system that, by themselves or in collaboration with partners, promote population health beyond the goals of care of the individuals treated”,

then c) what do we call "the specific activities" of anyone else (other than the medical care system) "that, by themselves or in collaboration with partners, promote population health"?

In other words, why are activities that address socioeconomic or physical environmental drivers of health called "population medicine" when the health care sector does them, but not when others do them?

Or, more bluntly, why should only the medical care sector get a special name for its activities in these areas?

Geof raises an interesting question. Another question I have is whether pop med's primary focus is applications in the one-on-one clinical setting rather than clinicians promoting health outside the clinic. The Harvard pop med determinants schematic shows clinical care at the center with social factors influencing it and their website guides address how to bring pop med principles (largely epi) into the clinic.

This ultimately speaks to what we are preparing MD students to do. Should competencies for MD students in pop med/pop health focus on both clinical applications and going beyond the clinic? One more than the other? What does the new MD look like?

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